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A good nights sleep with yoga and cruelty free products

Since I started practicing yoga I have learned relaxing techniques during the day if I’m feeling stressed or rushing around, however even though yoga has helped me ease during the day, waking up still seemed a problem. Yoga helped me energise in the morning no doubt, but prior to my practice my neck and back always felt tense. I couldn’t quite understand, I was relaxed and calm during the day and I was a deep sleeper, I rarely woke up in the middle of the night and I was sleeping for 7 hours a night.

However, after putting some ideas that I have read I had the greatest night sleep, woke up without feeling tense on my back and actually felt refreshed, ready for yoga in the morning. After scrolling through my yoga videos online I noticed that Yoga with Adriene, Cole Chance and Five Parks Yoga had uploaded videos called bedtime yoga or yoga for bed. As always suggested, yoga helped you calm down and helps you go to a peaceful place. However, yoga before bed isn’t as full on as a yoga practice during the day because you are unlikely to be doing head stands or lots of heart openers. Many videos will involve softer and slower movements, while stretching your muscles so they can relax when you go to bed.

Here are some of my favourite bd time yoga videos.

Yoga with Adriene: 20 minute bed routine.

Cole Chance: Yoga For Sleep – Rest & Restore Bedtime Beginners Flow

Cole Chance: Yoga For Sleep – Bedtime Yoga – 20 Minute Calming & Relaxing Night Time Flow

Five Parks Yoga: Bedtime Yoga Class – 25 Minutes – Five Parks Yoga

Yogatx: Bedtime Yoga – Night Time Practice For Sleep

A few months back I subscribed to Mind, Body and Spirit magazine and one issue presented the importance of massage, especially on your temples if you are feeling stressed or have headaches.Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.37.50 Lavender is the main oil to help you relax and feel less tense so I use Miaroma lavender oil from holland and Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.41.55.pngbarrett blended with their sweet almond oil. While I am watching a bit of TV I massage it into my temples, forehead and eyebrows.

Apparently feet have many nerves that are connected to your tired or stress levels, so after I have given myself a head massage, I use Miaroma peppermint oil, with a small amount of warm water and massage it into my feet.

One issue talked about the importance of making sure your bedroom was set as your relaxing zone. It said never to do any work in your bedroom, as your mind will sense that this is your ‘stress’ or ‘focus’ zone. The issue said to use oils or senses in the room to help your mind recognise that your bedroom is a relaxing zone, the main sense to use is lavender. It suggested to use a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow case, so as your drift off you relax by breathing in the sense of lavender.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 20.44.08

Sometimes before I do the massages and after I have done yoga I may have a relaxing bath and use lavender bath salts from Soul and Soap and will rub Made by Coopers body into my skin. As this helps me relax but is also beneficial for my skin.

There it is, my bedtime routine. I hope you have found this routine as beneficial as I have.

Have a lovely night’s sleep.

Love Bee, xxx


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