The importance of yoga

Adriene Mishler says ‘yoga is really the art of waking up’.

I believe Adriene’s statement as I do yoga every morning and I feel refreshed. Doing yoga in the morning helps me prepare physically and mentally for the day ahead as it encourages me to relax and focus on my happiness and health. However, I also believe that Adriene’s statement has more meaning to it, not only does yoga wake me up in the morning, it wakes me up to love and gratitude. Yoga teaches you to love your body, love your beauty, spread love to those around you and most love who you are. This leads you to being thankful and appreciate yourself and the surroundings in your life. Spreading kindness can uplift yours and other people’s spirit, happiness can change someone’s day. Putting a smile on yours and someone’s face is a special act of kindness.

I reason I joined the journey was for my posture because being a student meat long hours hunched over my laptop typing away. I would slouch on the chairs during my lunches with my neck hanging side ways ignoring any socialising while I typed away on my phone. When reading about yoga and how having bad posture can lead to back and neck ache, I thought well that explains a lot! I did not want back and neck aches as I aged and not being able to do the things I want to continue doing when I get older. I took my first yoga class and loved it. My back and neck felt relieved and I felt reenergised!

Alan Finger says ‘Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years’.

 My practice has improved majorly, before the last year I did yoga as now and again thing, but when I came across Yoga With Adriene, I feel in love with the practice as I felt stress free after her lessons. Doing it throughout the last year has help me focus on my happiness, mind and soul, leaving me feeling less stressed and more relaxed. Another benefit to my practice is that I feel more flexible, and this is a good sign as this means there is less tension in my body due to tightness from feeling tensed and stressed.

Everyone joins onto the yoga mat for different reasons but we all head in the same direction and come together as a community. We all want to find peace, love, care and kindness to mind, body and soul. Yoga helps you focus and learn to move freely, without strain. Yoga welcomes anyone at any level, any shape or size you do not have to be flexible, strong, or even dedicated to doing it everyday. You fulfil your own practice into your own life, but we all still come together as a community to support one another.

Cole Chance says ‘we all come in for different reasons but the community we create leads to the same destination of self-awareness, compassion, and a desire to really know and be present in the world around us’. 

I know who are I am, I know how I feel in situations, I know my own actions but yoga has helped me improve who I am. I am the person who rushes as I think to myself ‘i have so much to today! I finish at 6 and I must do this I must do that!’. It is true what they say, there just isn’t enough time in the day. Yoga in the morning is the best time to fulfil your practice, but as I said you fit into your lifestyle so I don’t do a full hour unless it is my day off or the weekend. I normally do half hour and the days I get up really early I do at least 10 minutes. It was hard at first, but after a couple of weeks it is a must do. I enjoy waking up in the morning and stretching my mornings, leaving me feel less tense for the day ahead. Yoga has encouraged me to stop rushing! As the practice is slow and gentle, I use this technique everyday, I do not rush to work, I do not rush my lunch break, I do not rush cooking dinner. Now I am more organised and when I start to feel the rush, I stop and I breathe to prevent me from straining and causing a headache. When it comes to disagreements or if someone is pushing my buttons, I have learned to relax myself and let things go or learnt how to deal with situations rather than make things worse and ruin my day and cause bad feeling with a loved one, or even a stranger. This is because yoga has taught me to be calm and relaxed, enjoy my life, life is only short do not waste your time in negativity, but also to spread kindness. Yoga hasn’t changed me, it has helped me become a better person, by making me happy with who I am.

Alan Fingers says ‘when you know who you are, you can live more freely and in tune with your karma’.

Yoga does not have to be a commitment, it is not a practice that is trying to change you. Yoga encourages you to relax, to be kind, to love yourself and enjoy your life, this improves your body, mind and soul. It improves your physically and mental wellbeing and encourages you to love you for who you are.

As Colleen Sandman says ‘let’s hold hands and brave this beautiful, crazy life together with a sweet smile and a calm breath’.

Be happy and smile, you are beautiful inside and out ❤

Love, Bee xxx


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