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On social media newsfeed, I have been seeing photos being uploaded of teeth whitening powder, contains charcoal that helps removes stains and discolouration from your teeth. However, my question was it safe and is it actually beneficially for healthy teeth and gums?

The answer is yes!

On my instagram I came across a company called Purity Smiles, the teeth whitening powder contains natural ingredients that is beneficially for healthy teeth and gums, which are responsibly sourced. This includes Coconut Shell Charcoal and this is ‘an antibacterial and anti fungal powder that’s excellent for gum health and sensitive teeth. Absorb bacteria, toxins and heavy metals in the mouth. It helps counteract bad breath and cleans your teeth.’ Also includes natural Bentonite Clay Powder which is a ‘mild, natural abrasive that gently scrubs and polishes teeth. Absorbs and neutralizes toxins in the mouth while remineralizing teeth’.

Also the best thing is they are Vegan friendly! Yay.

After ordering my product along with a bamboo brush, they kindly answered some questions for me.

1: Can you tell me about the company?

‘Purity Smiles is a 100% natural and organic teeth whitening powder that remains stains and discolouration from the surface of your teeth to significantly whiten and brighten your smile, while removing toxins and bacteria from your mouth’

2: What inspired for Purity Smiles to be created?

‘What inspired me in creating Purity Smiles is having bad teeth whitening experience at a office teeth whitening spot, which caused me to have really bad teeth sensitivity, a horrible chemical taste in my mouth and burning my gums and lips. So after this we wanted to offer a safe and natural alternative to chemical based teeth whiteners and strips. Which are frequently reported to damage the enamel and cause harm to the gums. We also wanted to aim in providing something extremely affordable with long lasting results to both adults and children.

3: I noticed you are vegan friendly, are you looking to be certified by a company?

‘Yes, we are definitely vegan friendly and we would love to find a great company to certify us’.

4: What makes your products organic?

‘What makes our products organic is our spearmint essential oil that is free of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers and genetically modified organisms. Our ingredients are 100% natural.

5:Are you certified organic?

‘No we are not certified organic’

6: Can you tell me the benefits of a bamboo brush as to suppose a plastic one?

‘The benefits of a bamboo charcoal nano toothbrush is it has double ultra soft bamboo charcoal bristles that make it gentle and effective for brushing teeth. The bamboo charcoal bristles draw door and impurities from the mouth. Bamboo bristles can attract and retain a much higher volume of pollutants than a regular toothbrush’

7: What the future goals for Purity Smiles?

‘Our goal is to expand our product worldwide so everyone can have a natural alternative of teeth whitening.

These answers have educated me more on making sure that I do more research when it comes to purchasing charcoal teeth whitening in the powder, as it has been said that some have actually done more damage to people’s teeth. It has also educated me on what natural ingredients will benefit me to having healthier teeth and gums while gaining a brighter smile.

I hope these answers and questions have educated you more when it comes to purchasing a charcoal powder and once I received my product from Purity Smiles I will be writing you a review.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Purity Smiles for participating in answering my questions and educating me on the importance of charcoal powder.

If you would like to visit their site please follow the link:

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, Love Bee xxx



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