Household Products


Welcome my first post on cruelty free household items!

Before I started this blog, I have always done my best to buy cruelty free household products, I would shop in places that are registered with the leaping bunny but sometimes found it difficult because some places did not state on their cleaning products that it was cruelty free (there will be another blog on this). So I decided to look for companies that provided household cleaning products, that were easy to purchase. Ecozone has a wider range at Homebase but it also available to purchase on their website.

Even though their products are slightly more expensive than own-brands from supermarkets, they are much higher quality! I was amazed when I used the iron and kettle sachet as it removed all the grim that was hard to remove by hand, the bleaches smell nicer and has left my bathroom pretty clean and their tough degreaser worked magic on the kitchen unit and oven!

Their products are good, but I believe there are other reasons why you should purchase from Ecozone.

Ecozone is also VEGAN FRIENDLY, as they believe there is no reason to harm our furry friends and they don’t see the use of animal fat in household products.

They also believe in making homes healthier and reducing CO2. For cleaning products, I thought were meant to be good for us by keeping our homes clean not causing us or the earth In addition, emissions for an average household in the UK are six and a half tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) (so much!) which means that 45% of CO2 emissions in the UK come from the energy used in our beloved homes, including the usage of appliances when cleaning (The Dishwasher is responsible for 16% of that).harm as some products contain toxins in them.

They state: ‘While it’s considered that general non-eco-friendly detergents and household cleaners are not only poisonous to our health, but also to the environment such rivers, streams and oceans. Various products that enter the waste water supply become’.

They also suggest that the usage of appliances in the household are the cause for 45% of CO2 emissions in the UK, with 16% of it coming from the dishwasher! So they have produced ways for us to be more eco-friendly.

  1. Laundry and dishwashing formulas that are effective at low temperatures
  2. Faster tumble drying solutions
  3. Quick drying, non-carcinogenic cleaning agents
  4. Energy efficient lighting, LEDs, CFLs and capacitors
  5. Non-toxic limescale and mould removers
  6. Pesticide-free formulas

This will also save you pennies!

They don’t use Palm oil as this the reason for diminishing rainforests causing harm to wildlife and nature. Their products are 100% biodegradable and packaging is recyclable.

They are also hypoallergenic and allergy-friendly and they have tried their best to support those who have sensitive skin and the baby products are friendly to baby’s skin.

To me, this companies seems pretty awesome so it worth spending those extra pounds on their products as you are doing good to yourself, your home, animals and the planet.




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