Beauty Products

Happy 2017!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year, I certainly did as I was in Disneyland Paris for 4 days!!

So I do apologise for not writing anything on my blog or updating my Instagram as I promised.

Today I have given myself a full body treatment as you may already know I use my coconut oil from Superdrug on my hair and since I haven’t had to use since before and after Christmas my hair felt amazing after using it today!

I also tried something new, I purchased clay mask from EarthBurst as I have heard good benefits for using clay masks on your face. Live strong suggest that using clay masks absorbs bacteria and toxins from the skin which editors of Allure say help fight against acne. FaceTox available at Holland Barrett provide a selection of masks that detoxify your skin. This product is 100% organic and vegan friendly.

Body Shop state their Clay Mask ‘draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores for healthy-looking skin with a glow that shows’, which is apparently good for clearing blackheads. This product is also Vegan friendly!

Yes to clay mask contains tomatoes and this product helps clear skin by removing toxins. This product is cruelty free and is 99% organic.

Today I used Earthburst clay mask and I can say my skin felt amazing afterwards. I applied this product for 20mins and then washed off in the shower. This took a bit of time but this is because the masks dries up and when rinsing it off you can feel your skin feeling fresher.

Before rinsing off my clay mask I used SugarBaby’s coconut and coffee body scrub.

Elle suggests that coffee scrub can help get rid of cellulite as this helps tighten skin and Fitmud suggests that coffee scrub fights premature ageing.

Haconut suggests that coconut scrub relieves mild eczema and fights acne breakouts.

So when I saw a coffee and coconut body scrub in Superdrug I was really happy and it went in my basket straight away! On the packet is stated that ‘Caffeine applied topically to skin stimulates blood-flow and circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. Great to use in cases of eczema and psoriasis. Organic Coconut Oil naturally hydrates skin and improves moisture retention.’ You will be happy to know that this product is vegan friendly. This product felt amazing to scrub on my body and it smelt really nice! Messy to put on but I expected that but the results were worth it as I could feel my skin felt freshers and smooth.

I promise it won’t be as long for my next post!

Have a lovely Sunday Evening.

Love Bee, xxx


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