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Earthburst mini interview 

The aim of my blog is to experiment with cruelty free products and write reviews especially on products that are accessible for UK customers. I also want to find out more about the company’s policies about their cruelty free policies and want ingredients they use. I like to research on independent businesses and this is when I came across EarthBurst on Instagram, co-founder Lynn Lam set up her business on Canada via esty with the aim to make products that enrich our skin without us worrying what’s inside them. 

I emailed Lym some questions about her business so I could provide my viewers and greater view of her business.

So sorry again that I forgot to send these answers to you! 

Tell me a bit about yourself.

I’m a quirky person with an odd sense of humor. I laugh at the silliest things and am an avid Netflixer. I’m a minimalist in training and am new to the natural and organic lifestyle, so every day I am learning something new!

What made you decide to create your own skincare business? Also are your products homemade?

 My products are all handcrafted by yours truly J. I decided to start my own business because when I first started my transition towards natural and organic skincare products, there were too many times where I would look at the ingredients of products and listed were a ton of chemicals. These were from brands who claimed to be green. I got tired of it, so to save myself the headaches, I started making my own products. I shared some of the products I made with a friend who encouraged me to start an Etsy shop.

Why did you choose to make your products cruelty free? And are the products vegan friendly, for example comtain beeswax?

 I decided to go cruelty-free because it doesn’t make sense to harm living creatures in the name of beauty. There is nothing beautiful about harming animals. Products aren’t entirely cruelty free as I use beeswax in some of them.

So is the process and the finished products cruelty free?

The entire process and finished products are cruelty free. I test the products on myself, family, and friends. I source my ingredients from sustainable organic suppliers who are socially and environmentally responsible. I researched a lot before selecting a supplier, to ensure that the ingredients used are high quality and safe
Do you ship to China?

I do not ship to China. The time it takes for it to arrive to China is about a month. Also, China has some strict regulations (some of those regulations I do not agree with) when importing, one of those regulations being all beauty products must be animal tested if they are to be sold in China.
Are you planning to expand your product range? Hair or beauty?

At the moment I intend to only stick to skincare products as I am more passionate about that line of beauty than hair or cosmetics. But I will be adding more products to the current skincare line within the next couple of months. The new release will include dry mask formulas, bath products, and face cleansers.
What are your other future plans for your business?

In the future I plan to take my business offline and work towards partnering up with local natural retailers to sell my products in-store. There is also discussions happening with a couple of subscription box companies to include an Earth Burst product in their boxes in the upcoming months.

Thank you to Lyn for answering my questions and being so cooperative I really appreciate. 

I will be uploading a review on Lyn’s products and I can’t wait to share it with you! 

Please visit Earthburst store at where at the moment you can receive 25% off your orders.

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post, have a lovely evening. 

Love Bee, xxx


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