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Superdrug’s Vegan Coconut oil.

Yes, as it says in the title, Superdrug sell their Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 17.11.00.pngown coconut oil that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This post will tell you why you need this product within your haircare range at home.

Most of my friends compliment my hair, it is always soft, shiny and most of all ‘your hair grows so fast!’. One of my friends who is a hairdresser has said because of my ethnicity, Asians’ hair does tend to grow quicker, however some articles suggests that massaging coconut oil into your head conditions your scalp and nourishes the roots by repairing any damage. Massaging your scalp decreases stress and helps boost circulation within the roots which, prompts hair growth.

My friends do not see my hair when it naturally dries, it is messy and does not look smooth, however it is still soft to touch and still holds shine to it. When I have not used coconut oil for a while I can see a major difference in my hair, it goes even more fizzy when naturally dried and the ends of my hair feel rough. Using coconut oil in your hair provides nourishment and locks in moisture which, makes your hair feel soft and prevents brittle ends to your hair. Superdrug’s coconut oil was the first one I ever bought and I have not used any other coconut oil since, I believe that by using this product on my hair is the reason I have soft and shiny hair by providing nourishment to any damage I cause to my hair. I also believe this adds a little bit of boost to my hair growth.

My partner always compliments that my skin is always smooth, I truly believe this is because I often use coconut oil on my body. Many articles suggests that it is because provides hydration to dry skin leaving skin feeling smooth, coconut oil also contain vitamin E which is good for skin growth by repairing any wear and tear. By applying coconut oil to your skin you are providing your skin with rich proteins which keeps your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Also some articles suggest that because coconut oil is full of antioxidants that prevents your skin from ageing.

You can either buy a small tub of Superdrug’s coconut oil for only £2.49, or a bigger tub for £8.99. I only buy a small tub and I would say that lasts me a month and a bit. I apply the coconut oil to my skin after I have had my evening shower, normally when my hair needs washing I would do it in the evenings, especially if I have been to the gym, so this can be from every other day to three days. This is only because I know some oils can stain clothes, so I rather now use any oil in the morning, instead I use moisturiser (guess, a coconut one!). However, as you can see I do use the coconut oil on my skin regularly. With my hair I tend to do a hair mask once a week or every 10 days, as this depends when I get 2 hours free before I wash my hair.

The great thing about Superdrug’s coconut oil is obviously because it is Vegan friendly, which is a extra bonus for you Vegan viewers, also Superdrug are becoming very strong with their values on cruelty free. Love them for that!

Many thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday evening.

Love Bee, xxx

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