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Why we should shop at The Body Shop!

It has been 18 days since I have written a post on my blog, how bad of me! Starting college and progressing in my job role have seem to take over my life at the moment and I do apologise for not showing as much commitment into my blog as I should do. But now I have adjusted to my new routine and I’m ready to write more reviews for you guys!

As Christmas is only around the corner (it will come quick as Halloween approaches!) I thought I would talk about one of my favourite companies to shop at for Christmas gifts.

Body Shop do an amazing range of gift sets that are filled with quality products at a decent and affordable price. Which is amazing for all the efforts the company puts in to produce their products.

Their commitment is to ‘set out our aim to become the world’s most ethical and a truly sustainable global business. The journey towards that aim begins with our Enrich Not Exploit’.* This statement is set out in three sub sections:

Enrich The Plant

‘The world is our source of beauty, but it’s facing devastation. We actively help enrich the biodiversity where we grow our ingredients. We act and campaign to enrich and support threatened areas of outstanding natural value to the planet.’

This includes;

  • Building bio-bridges and this to protect and regenerate 75 million square metres of habitat to ensure that communities can live more sustainably.
  • They want to develop and be able to deliver in three new sustainable packaging, the result is to reduce the impact on the environment by increasing recyclability.
  • They want to power all of their store with renewable or carbon balance energy.
  • Every time they refurbish their store they want to reduce the environmental footprint.
  • They want to ensure that 70% of their packaging does not contain fossil fuels.
  • With the energy usage in their stores, they want to reduce that usage by 10%.

Enrich Products

“Our products nourish, enrich and uplift but never make false promises and are never tested on animals. Our products are inspired by the diversity of nature and customs of people around the world. We are experts in caring for all different skin types and take pride in knowing how to make them feel so good.”

This includes;

  • They want to product 10,000 hectares of forest and other habitats by ensuring 100% of their natural ingredients are traceable and sustainably sourced.
  • “They to publish their use of ingredients of natural origin, ingredients from been chemistry, and the biodegradability and water footprint of their products.”
  • Year after year reduce the environment footprint of all their product categories.
  • “Develop an innovation pipeline that delivers pioneering cosmetic ingredients from biodiversity hotspots and which helps to enrich these areas.”

Enrich People

“We celebrate the diversity of people and reject a stereotype of beauty. Paying fair prices to our community trade partners is central to everything we do. We campaign for what’s right. We help our employees grow as people.”

This includes;

  • “Double our community trade programme from 19 to 40 ingredients and help enrich communities that produce them.”
  • They want to ensure they can help 40,000 vulnerable people access work around the world.
  • With creating this massive campaign, they want to engage 8 million people in their ‘Enrich not Exploit’ mission.
  • They will “invest 250,000 hours of their skills and know-how to enrich their biodiversity of their local communities”

And they want to do all this by 2020! Amazing of them.

Another reason I wanted to encourage you to shop at The Body Shop was for their policy against animal testing, and for you vegans out there, The Body Shop are now looking at other ways in creating their products so they are vegan friendly. However I know there have been campaigns to boycott against The Body Shop because they are owned by L’Oreal who are listed as a company that test on animals on the PETA website*.

However, The Body Shop is listed as a cruelty free company so I emailed PETA regarding this and here is what they emailed me back.

‘We understand the concerns some people have about endorsing The Body Shop, however, PETA strongly believes that The Body Shop is a company which still deserves our support.

Years after purchase by L’Oreal, it’s products are every bit as cruelty-free as they ever were. In fact, they are actually now all vegetarian, an improvement in terms of animal-friendliness. The Body Shop is compliant with the extremely high standards on animals testing set by PETA US and we have met them personally to discuss their position on animal testing. As we see it, as long the products on their shelves are still cruelty-free, they deserve our support.

We feel it’s important for consumers to continue buying personal-care products from The Body Shop in order to support the company’s strong anti-animal testing stance to show L’Oreal that the market for cruelty-free products is huge. If L’Oreal were to change that policy – as they could do if it stopped being profitable to them – how would that help animals in laboratories? Although we understand why some people have concerns about the ownership of The Body Shop, boycotting them won’t actually help animas and could even make things worse.

Invariably, when a massive corporation buys a smaller, more compassionate company, the big company learns from the smaller company’s success that consumers are concerned about issues such as animal testing and cruelty to farmed animals. For example, Linda McCartney Foods is produced by Hain Daniels Group, food and personal care products company Unilever owns the non-dairy frozen dessert line Swedish Glace, and food and beverage giant Mondelēz International (formerly Kraft) owns Green & Black’s Organic, which produces vegan chocolates. 

These conglomerates’ purchases of compassionate companies have caused humane products to become more widely promoted and sold than ever before. In fact, The Body Shop® has opened hundreds of new stores across the world since being bought by L’Oréal, making it easier for many, many people to get cruelty-free products.

Large corporations now recognise the expanding market of compassionate consumers who want cruelty-free food, cosmetics, and clothing. We hope The Body Shop’s® no-testing policy and its support of projects which are friendly to animals will ultimately persuade L’Oréal to continue to no longer test on animals, anywhere in the world, for any reason, and to promote humane testing standards for cosmetics.

Companies like The Body Shop® make going cruelty-free easier for people and that has to be a good thing. The question we all need to ask is not ‘who owns this company?’ but ‘will boycotting this company help animals?’ In the case of The Body Shop®, we are confident it won’t.’

Phew! That was a long email! But highly appreciated as it has given myself a bigger insight why we should carry on shopping at The Body Shop due to their ethical reasons and I hope this post has done the same for you.

So this Christmas and for whenever you do a personal care or gift buying shop, please carry on visiting The Body Shop as they still deserve our support in everything they do.

I also want to take this opportunity to send my thanks to Teodora who took the time in replying to my email and providing me with all the information on The Body Shop.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday evening and I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love Bee, xxx




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